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British Shorthair Kittens

We have a litter of four Brits born 02/26/19 
1 - Blue Golden Classic Tabby Male - SOLD 
1 - Black Golden Classic Tabby Male- SOLD
2 - Blue Golden (blue eyed) Males - AVAILABLE
(Scroll down to see a photo of a Blue Golden
Colorpoint (blue eyed) Brit Kitten)

1st pick - Kevin in AL (deposit paid)
2nd pick - Gina in MS (deposit paid) 
3rd pick - Available
4th pick - Available

 Please email or call for more information. 

Natalyland's Harmony (not for sale)
Black Golden British Shorthair Female
Mother of the 02/26/19 litter and the
Blue Golden 
Female pictured below.
Look at those stunning eyes!!!  
Father of Litter - Neolit Rostya (Blue Golden)
Photo to be Posted Soon 

Blue Golden (Rare Color)
Ticked Tabby British Shorthair Female

Parents imported from Russia  
Natalyland's Harmony (Golden) & Neolit Rostya (Blue Golden)

Very Plush, Beautiful Baby!
Extremely rare color in the USA.

Ragdoll Kittens

No Ragdolls kittens available. 

I will be producing only Brits the rest of the year.
I plan to retire from breeding sometime this year. 

All the "Kitten Purchase Information" is
 located near the bottom of the web site "Kitten Page" 

Previously Sold Brit Kittens
The Brit kittens pictured below are not available. 
We have upcoming litters of Brits that can produce kittens like these. 

Blue Golden Colorpoint (Blue Eyed)


Black Golden Tabby (green eyed)

 Silver Colorpoint (blue eyed)

Black Golden Shaded Longhair (green eyed)

Black Golden Classic Tabby (green eyed)

Silver Shaded (green eyed)

Silver Colorpoint (blue eyed)

Chinchilla Silver Longhair


Blue Golden (green eyed)


British Shorthair Kitten
in Her New Home

Baby Girl in Her New Home
British Shorthair Shaded Silver 

A message from the Butler Family

Jennifer says, "Just giving you an update on Baby Girl!
She is doing fantastic! She is quite the funny girl! She is all
over the house now and sleeps in our bed with us at night! 

She went to her first vet appointment last week. She was a healthy girl.  
Our vet was impressed with her and of course they all Loved her! 

Again we are beyond pleased with this sweet girl! 
I will continue to update and send pics as she grows". 

Update on Baby Girl 
 September 2016

Hey Kathy!! Just checking in to say hello and send you a picture of
baby girl! What can I say about this sweet baby!! She is a DOLL! I've
had many cats and by far she is the sweetest! She is so mellow. She loves
 to sit with me and sleeps with us at night.  She is never far away from
where we are.  Thank you for such a sweet Baby!!!  
We couldn't have picked a better breeder to work with!   
                                                                       Jennifer and Baby Girl 

New Photo of Baby Girl - July 2017

British Shorthair Shaded Silver 

      "Kitten Purchase Information"

    is located near the bottom of this page.

Upcoming New Kitten Litters

We will post upcoming litters as females are confirmed pregnant.
We sometimes take deposits on unborn litters. Deposits are deducted
from the price of your Kitten. Those on the paid waiting list will
have first picks before available Kittens are posted on the web site.
Please email or call for more information. 


Retired Breeders Available 

We have one young Silver British Shorthair Female
 available to an approved pet home.
She has been spayed and is ready to go. 

Video available on request. 

Please email or call for more information. 
kathy009@centurytel.net or call 334-692-5402

Retired Breeders in Their New Homes


Sir Tom in his new home
Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Male - Retired Breeder

New picture taken July 2012- What a Handsome Boy!

Phillip and Diana say "Sir Tom is doing well.  He is really the
sweetest cat I have ever seen. He follows me all over the house
and wants to sit close most of the time.  He loves to be
groomed with his brush and comb.
We thoroughly enjoy him.

Kittens In Their New Homes

Otis and Oliver in their new home
Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll Males

Dyann says, "Just because I am a proud Mama, I am sending
one of my favorite photos of Otis and Oliver. I love that they
still cuddle all the time. These two boys are amazing! Chris and 
  I can hardly wait to get to know our two new Ragdoll babies". 

  Chris picking up their new Ragdoll babies 

Now they are a family of six. He certainly looks like a proud Father. :) 

Chris says, "Lily and Roux had their vet check. Dr. Bo said
  they both looked great.  He and his staff loved these girls.
One of 
the vet techs said she had never felt a cat as soft as
Lily. They are adjusting well. Thank you for giving us the
to have these sweet and pretty girls in our lives". 

Samson in his new home

Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Samson is sharing a bed with his best buddy Delilah.

Jill says "We are so in love with Samson and our
precious dog loves him too. Thank you so much, for
allowing us to love this little man. Jill, Emily, and Justin.

Julianne in her new home

Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll 

The Miller's say, "Julianne is beautiful. Her long, silky coat is as soft
as mink. She loves to play and gets along with Chase, our Shih Tzu. 
There has never been a problem between the two of them.  She is
gregarious and follows us around the house much like a puppy.
She always meets us at the door when we come home. She is not the
the least bit skittish. 
She loves to help us entertain guests. She will
play with anyone willing to play with her. She is healthy, happy
and full of life. We could not ask for a better pet."

Her Royal Highness "Julianne" - Jan. 2013


Tuey in his new home
Lilac Point Mitted Ragdoll

Laurie says, "Tuey is such a handsome boy! I am just thrilled
with him. He is such a sweetie!
Giving myself a Ragdoll kitten for
Christmas was the best idea ever! Thank you for this little blessing."

Tuey - November 2013

Tuey - December 2013
Two Years Old

Tuey with his new best friend. :)
April 2016 - Five years old. 

  Dexter in his new home
Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Male

   Scarlette says, "Dexter is a sweet, snuggle bunny!"  


Poppy in her new home
Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Barbara says, "Poppy is doing great and growing like a
 weed. She fits in so well with our big family and loves playing
  with the grand kids.  She went to the beach on Thanksgiving
with our entire family of 23 and she was no trouble at all.
We are so happy to have her as part of our family."

Bentley Beau in his new home
Lilac Colorpoint Ragdoll

Teresa says, "Our boy is doing well. We all cannot get over
how gorgeous he is!  He is so sweet and very easy going.
 He sleeps between the pillows on the bed all night long."

Christmas 2012
Bentley Beau


Jax in his new home
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll with Blaze

Leslie says, "We think Jax is a handsome fella. He is coming into his
color more everyday.  He brings so much joy to our home. The children
are already asking when can we get another one. He greets us everyday
at the door and enjoys snuggling with my children.  We recently got a
Drinkwell cat fountain and he sits for hours just watching the water. 
We look forward to many years with him.
I never knew a cat
could bring this much happiness into a household."


Bandit in his new home
Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

June says, "These past 11 days, since we picked him up, have been
pure joy! We love him so much. I think he feels the same way about us.
He has settled nicely into his new home, slept with us the first night and
never cries. All he wants to do is play, play, play. He does not sleep much
during the day, because he is so busy. Our vet says he is a very healthy boy.
Bandit has so much personality and he is the most loving pet we have ever
had. My eyes were itching the other day and I said, "I hope I am not allergic
to Bandit.  Sam said, "I hope you aren't either...I would hate for you to have
to move. The cat's staying!" My husband is just as attached to him as I am.
Thank you Kathy, for the best Christmas present I have ever had."

Poppy and Lucy in their new home
Seal Lynx Point Bicolor and Blue Lynx Point Mitted Ragdolls

Chase says, "Poppy and Lucy are the first cats I have ever owned. They are
both very loving and full of personality. They follow me around and always
want to be a part of everything I am doing. These sisters love playing with
me and each other. They can not stand to be separated for even a minute.
They have truly been awesome and are nothing short of fantastic."

Willow in her new home
Seal Point Colorpoint 

Willow and Wexler are best buddies and together all the time.

Becky says, "I can not express enough how much we love Willow.
She has matured beautifully and her coat is stunning. Her tail is so full
and she is such a beautiful color now. She cries for Wexler when he goes
to the groomer. When he returns, she stares at him for a moment, then
they get close. She grooms him until she tires and then they sleep together
for hours.  What a pair!! Ragdolls are the perfect companion for dogs.
Our friends come to see Willow and Wexler, not us anymore. LOL
Jimmy and I feel so blessed to have Willow and Wexler."  

Louie in his new home

Seal Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll
 Just Stunning!

Diane says, "Louie is very sweet and loves to play. He is getting
to be a big boy! We got him a Halloween costume and had to buy
a medium dog size to fit him. Thanks for such a wonderful pet!"

Louie doing the "Ragdoll Flop"

Louie at 3 years old
A handsome boy with intense blue eyes
and a beautiful full ruff around his neck.


Misty Growing Up

Misty as a baby

Misty in her new home

Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll

           Misty with a favorite toy                              Misty being pretty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Misty found a new, unusual friend             Pretending to be in the jungle

Misty at 3 years old - What a beauty! 


                                 First day in his new home                         Five weeks later - Growing fast!

Boo Bear in his new home
Blue Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll with blaze 
What a sweet face!!

Jean says, "He is doing great. No issues coming home. He slept all the way.
I adore him and he has quickly become one of us. He has amazed me. He has
explored all over the house and has already eaten some of his food. He and I took
a nap and he stretched out like he has always sleep on the bed beside my pillow. 
He has played with all the new toys I got for him as well as the toys you sent home
with him. Foy thinks he is something special, too. Boo is happy. Foxy treats him as if
she is his Momma and he treats her the same. Buttons plays with him at night and sometimes in the morning. Boo is a real lovebug. I would love another one but three
cats is enough for now. Thanks so much for allowing me to adopt this beautiful boy!"

                 Boo Bear  May 2012
                      Boo Bear July 31, 2012 (His first Birthday)

Boo Bear at 2 years old

Boo Bear at 4 years old

A Stunning Boy!!
 Growing more handsome every day!! 


Dusty in his new home
Blue Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll
 He is a big boy!

Dusty at one year old.
Such a Handsome Big Boy! 

Mary says "Dusty now weighs 19 lbs. He gives us lots of enjoyment
with his loving personality.  He plays fetch and a form of "tag" and
wakes us up about the same time every morning.  We cannot get over
how gentle he plays. I have been doing some cleaning and Dusty is
having a blast exploring and sniffing everything I bring out of the closet.
He wants to be wherever we are. He is definitely a lot of company!


Chloe in her new home

Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll
 A real Princess!

Diane says,  "Chloe is growing so fast and is beautiful and sweet.
She is such a joy to us. Thanks for allowing us to adopt her."

Chloe at nine months old. Diane says, "Chloe is growing into
the beautiful Princess she was meant to be.  She is so sweet
and gentle.  She is such a precious addition to our family.
The grandchildren love her and she loves all their attention!"

Lex in his new home

Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll

   Leah says, "Lex is resting after knocking down his basket of toys and
 playing with his favorites. I still remember the excitement I had when
    you told me you had a blue mitted male available. The excitement has not
ended. What a bond we have! Lex is the sweetest pet ever. He is always
 waiting for me at the front door when I come home. At night he sleeps
 on my bed and lately he has been bringing his favorite toy with him.


It is very entertaining to watch Lex hide his prizes in his tunnel.
The first time I saw him do this, he was carrying a teddy bear bigger
than himself and tried for over two minutes to get the bear inside the
tunnel. Recently he hid a ziplock bag of pralines inside his tunnel.
He is just too cute! I always have an eye on Lex because he is always
right beside me ready to help out in whatever I am doing."

Lex has a new Ragdoll buddy.

He and Lucy love to relax together.

Memphis Growing Up

Memphis at 6 weeks old

Memphis in his new home

Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll  

Nick says, "Memphis likes to lay beside me when I am on my laptop.
He follows us from room to room. He has so much energy. He is a little
pistol during the day, but winds down at night.  He loves to sleep with
us and stays with us until we get up in the morning. It has been a
pleasure dealing with Plush Palace. We will recommend you to our
friends looking for future furry pets. He is gorgeous !"

Memphis at 7 months old
What a plush boy!
Photo by Nick Lisle

December 2011
  Memphis at 2 1/2 years old

What a Handsome Boy!

Photo by Nick Lisle
Professional Photographer
Gardendale, AL


Sebastian in his new home
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll

    Gary and Pat say, " Sebastian is a joy in our lives. His favorite
toy is a nylon rope that is about 8" long and 1/2" in diameter.
He carries it around the house and brings it to us when he is ready
to play. It is like having a baby that requires very little clean up.
Thank you for this sweet, smart and very loving boy."

Mr. Big in his new home
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll

Maggie says, "Mr. Big is doing wonderful! He is very playful, yet
gentle.  He loves to be held and becomes limp upon being picked up.
He is beautiful!  Thank you again for a great experience.  I am
thankful to have found Plush Palace Cats."

Kenna Growing Up

Kenna at 5 weeks old

Kenna in her new home
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll
  12 weeks old

Robin says, "Kenna is full of personality and fits the description of the breed.
She is sweet, docile, good with other pets and sheds very little."

Kenna teaching her buddy Brody, how to do the "Ragdoll Flop".
Looks like she is a good teacher and Brody is a good student. LOL 

                                   Kenna at 5 months old                     Kenna at 9 months old                                                                    

                                                            Kenna at 1 year old.                            Kenna at 2 years old.

     Kenna at 3 years old                                 Kenna at 4 years old

                                            What a strikingly, gorgeous girl! 

Divvy Growing Up

Divvy's Baby Picture

Divvy in her new home
doing the "Ragdoll Flop"

Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll

Viki says "Divvy is very loving and comical. She loves
to cuddle and to tease. She greets us at the door every time
and loves to sleep with us. We absolutely love her!
She is precious in every way."


Picture taken February. 2010

Viki says "Divvy is such a nut and such a precious pet!
This picture was just too funny to pass up. The chair she
is flopping on is one of those Big chair and a half chairs.
For her to cover the whole arm rest...she's a big one !!"

I guess that is her backwards "Ragdoll Flop". KB

Picture taken in August 2010.

Viki says,  "Divvy is growing in size and her adorable
personality just grows more endearing every day.
She is a gorgeous girl and I really wish I had shown her.
I think she would have done really well as a show cat."

I think so too. She is absolutely beautiful !  KB

Previously Sold
Persian Kittens

Chinchilla Silver Persian

Chinchilla Silver Persian

Previously Sold
Ragdoll Kittens

Blue-Cream Point Mitted Tortie Ragdoll

Seal Point Mitted and
  Blue Point Bicolor 

Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll

Chocolate Point Ragdoll

Plush Palace Bandit
Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll

Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll

Seal Point Ragdoll

Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll 


If you spend a lot of time away from home,
you might consider getting two kittens so
they can keep each other company.


We are a 100% FeLV/FIV Tested Negative Cattery. All Ragdolls
breeders are DNA/HCM tested negative for the known Ragdoll gene.
Kittens are given age appropriate vaccinations and guaranteed
free of parasites & fungus. 
They are also guaranteed to be FeLV/FIV
negative and come with a written health guarantee.

Pet Kittens are sold on a spay/neuter contract. 
Registration papers will be held pending proof of spay/neuter.

ALL Kittens sold as Pets must be spayed/neutered.


Pricing for Ragdoll Kittens sold as Pets

  Seal & Blue Point Kittens are generally $750.00. Lynx Points
start at $800.00. 
Rare Chocolate and Lilac Points are
$100.00 more than Seal & Blue Points. 
Show/Breeder Quality
Ragdoll Kittens Sold as Pets 
start at $850.00.

A $250.00 deposit is required to hold/reserve a Ragdoll Kitten.


Pricing for Persian Kittens sold as Pets

We no longer raise Persians Kittens. I have a very nice, high quality Chinchilla Silver Persian Stud Male for Sale. Available to an approved cattery only. 
See Cats Page of our web site. 

Pricing for British Shorthair Kittens sold as Pets

Please email or call for pricing on British Shorthair Kittens.
A $350.00-$500.00 deposit is required to hold/reserve a
British Shorthair Kitten. Our Brits range in price from
$1200-$1800.00 depending on eye color and coat color. 
*We do not maintain a waiting list other than a paid deposit waiting list.
Deposits are considered to be non-refundable.
  Refunds are given solely on the discretion of the Breeder.


All Kittens are sold on a strict "NO DECLAW" contract.
Declawing is not simple surgery.  Declawing is actually inhumane amputation
of the last joint of the cats toes. Many Ragdolls become quite 
large and ALL cats need the extra support of their last toes to carry their weight.

Kittens will be available for pick up at 10-12 weeks of age. 
(Without exceptions, no Kitten will leave our care prior to 10 weeks of age.)
Please click on our INFORMATION PAGE  to read:


 On pick up day, you will receive lots of information pertaining to the care of   your Kitten. You will also be given toys and grooming comb for your kitten.  

We are located 10 miles west of Dothan, Alabama.  If timing permits, we are willing to drive up to 200 miles round trip to cut off some distance for you. Mileage fee will vary due to fuel cost. We can drive to Montgomery, AL to meet our Birmingham, AL area customers and to Crestview, FL to meet our Mobile area customers.

I am dedicated to finding good, loving homes for these beautiful
Kittens and helping to provide you with the Kitten of your dreams. 

If you have questions, I will gladly return your
phone calls or e-mails as promptly as possible.
 If I do not answer your e-mail within 48 hours, it is only because I did
not receive the message. Therefore, please give me a phone call.
It is not my intentions to ignore anyone.  
References available upon request
I hope you have enjoyed visiting our Web Site. 
Thank you for your interest in Plush Palace Cats.
                               Kathy Brewer

Plush Palace Beautiful Spirit - "Kenna"

"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep"

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Thy love be with me through the night
and keep me safe till morning light.

When at dawn, I greet the day,
Teach me Lord to walk thy way.
Help me to be kind and true.
Gentle loving --- just like You.

God bless everyone I love,
Here on earth and up above.
Little children, where'er they be,
God Bless them and God Bless me.

God bless creatures, large and small,
Feed and shelter, one and all.
Let me always thankful be,
For all the blessings given me.


"My Precious One"
Celine Dion - Lullaby Video & Song


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